by symbols
and signs
The portrait by symbols and signs, created expressly for you, carries certain energy. It is not just a photo or a picture anymore. It is an object of art, the power of which is able to change the mood, psych someone up to something and help to reach the goals.
by energy
and emotions
Concentrate power of symbols
in just one object of an art. No one is going to have the same one. Only you choose the symbols (signs, runes, hieroglyphs, letters or pictures) for your picture.
Make a special present
This present is supposed not only to surprise. This unique present concentrates power of the symbols, specially chosen for a certain person.
Be a magician
Choose the symbols and make a picture which gets your good luck charm. Only you know what symbols you need!

On the basis of your photo we make a digital picture, using digital «stamps» (symbols, signs or simply smilies as a pencil and a brush. Pictures for «stamps» are usually used without detailed elaboration (since at printing their size is about 3-8 mm). Lighter sites of a photo are poorly stamped; darker sites are stamped more intensively (so that «stamps» merge in the monophonic/multi-colored texture).

As a result we get the digital picture which looks as an abstract art object on close scrutiny. And from a distance «stamps» make the easily recognizable image.

stamped picture

For creation of a digital picture it is possible to use up to 10 any «stamps». When ordering you have to specify their subject or to send pictures which can be used as «stamps». It is possible to set various colors of «stamps» and a background of a picture.

You can download some of our works, print one of them in size A3 to estimate what your picture will look like.
Please, take a notice that -
оnly a special software and handwork without any automatic converters of images are applied to creation of a digital picture.
- Do you manually put each stamp on a digital picture?

A tattooer, while putting the image, doesn't do each point by one separate movement. He has a special machine. Here we apply a similar system. We developed more advanced «machine» - the computer program, where we set, what places on a page should be stamped in a certain way.
Ready-to-print digital picture


Size A3 (11,7×16,5 inch) 300dpi.

Payment available by Paypal.
Ordering is quite easy. All you have to do is send to zakaz@cooltura.ru the following:

1. A photo. We accept all the sizes, but it should be not less than 200x200 px.
2. Size and format of the picture. Regularly we use A3 size (11,7×16,5 inch).
3. Types of stamps – up to 10.
4. Color of stamps and background. Amount of colors of one stamp – up to 10.
Size of the picture – A3, vertical.
Types of stamps – hearts.
Colors of stamps – black and white.
Background color – white.

As soon as we have noted your order, we’ll send you a link for your profile for tracking the order status, previewing the order, filling the form of payment in Paypal system. Shall the payment be fulfilled, you get the link for downloading the final version of your picture.
As soon as you download the picture it ready for printing wherever is convinient for you.

Deadline for processing your order up to 2 days.
Once a prominent physicist Niels Bohr was asked about the purpose of the horseshoe above the front doorway of the scientist’s abode. The visitor expressed incredulity that a man of science could possibly be swayed by a simple-minded folk belief. The physicist replied: Of course I don’t believe in it, but I understand it brings you luck, whether you believe in it or not. (1956 г.)